Resource Generation - Access to resource and opportunities for economic activitites of PWDs

FTI provides Bridge-Financing Assistance to Finance and provide working capital for the business/livelihhod projects of PWDs. Working capital has been one of the major challenges of PWD organizations in sustaining their business operation

Business Incubation

The Foundation is instrumental in the formation of the Equal Access Travel and Tours Services Cooperative. This is a cooperative managed by PWDs catering to the general public in area of airline ticketing and providing travel packages in the Philippines.

Tree for the Future Project

Livelihood project of PWDs, is also a project that will care for the environment and ensure a sustainable source of income and employment for PWDs. This project has been in Germany-Life Giving Forest. Laborers and caretakers for this project are also people with disability.

Resource Center Training Building

This is a property of FTI, a three story building that will house the business and livelihood of PWD organizations. This includes the National Federation of Cooperatives of Persons with Disability NFCPWD.

Emergency Response

In line with FTI's Emergency Response for the PWD victims of typhoon, it is also helping the formation and organizing of PWD cooperatives in the areas of Cagayan de Oro and Cateel, Davao Oriental in the business of building pre-fabricated houses. The shelters/houses are intended for the PWD victims of typhoon but in this way, the PWDs are also earning as laborers for this project. This becomes an employment opportunity and source of income for the PWDs.